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Preamble to Who Are We as a Talent Management Agency:

Managers, in the State of California, may counsel, advise and provide general career direction to performers, as well as assist agents in their quest to secure employment for their clients. A manager is not permitted, by law, to seek out employment opportunities for a client, unless they are doing so at the direction of a licensed agent or as a State Licensed Agent operating as a Manager. A client, agent, and manager should function as a team if they are to be effective. Except as discussed above, managers must obtain a state talent agency license if they intend to solicit, procure, or negotiate terms and conditions of employment on behalf of a performer. These legal restrictions are clearly spelled out in the AB 1319 Krekorian law, and City Attorney Letter Regarding New Laws Regulating The Talent Service Industry dated 05-03-10. Managers generally charge between ten percent (on the low end) and fifteen percent (on the high end) for their services, although their fees are not regulated by the state, if Licensed as an agent the Schedule of Fees must be approved by the Labor Commissioner.

Who Are We as a Talent Management Agency:

Kingvigor Talent Management is a full Corporation, Entity Detail, and a State of California Department of Labor, bonded licensed talent agency, License #TA000212242. As a licensed agency, Kingvigor Inc. can legally negotiate and procure artists' work while operating as a talent manager at a fee of 15%, non negotiable.

Kingvigor Talent Management fully embraces the understanding that our job is to guide the career of artists in the entertainment business. Our responsibility as a management company is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist and to advise and counsel talent about professional matters and personal decisions. At the same time, actively seek new opportunities for our talent as emerging technologies reshape the media landscape. For this service, Kingvigor Inc. will apply a standard fee of 15% of the performer's gross earnings including Residuals in perpetuity, across the board for Theatrical and Commercial work. For which you will be submitted via Breakdowns, LA Casting, Casting network, Casting Frontier, and TPN. Kingvigor Management requires the talent to sign a one year Non-Exclusive contract, approved by the California Labor Commissioner.

Kingvigor Inc. mailing address: 9663 S. Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 1054, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

We are recruiting new talent for our theatrical and commercial roster

If you are interested in representation, you must have an Actors Access and LACasting account with an updated resume, a minimum of five different headshots, a reel or clips and accept being auditioned with a monologue or a scene. When contacting us, include your Actors Access Custom Link (Located under your Actors Access - My Tools tab at the bottom) and your LACasting Network Resume Link (located under the Resume - Resume Link at the bottom). You must submit your Actors Access link and your Casting Network link in order to be considered or your submission will be auto rejected. All actors must be a U.S. Citizen or have a valid green card or a valid O-1 Visa.

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